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01 November 2007 @ 12:00 am
I once heard a college student in Waterville, Maine, ask visiting writer Ron Carlson how one knows if one is really a writer. Ever the showman, Carlson delivered an entertaining riff about the distractions writers put in their own way, all day, all the time: leaving the room to get coffee, check the mail, get coffee, walk the dogs, go to the bathroom, get coffee, look something up, get coffee. Then, dead serious, he summed up the whole enterprise in a line I have never forgotten: "The writer is the one who stays in the room."
 - The Pocket Muse by Monica Wood


07 July 2007 @ 05:17 pm
oh xanga.
kind of a depressing place.
i had a scary dream last night.
i was watching people get eaten by the giant octopus.

anyways... i kind of want to go play outside with my friends.
but these days there are no friends left in my neighborhood.
i guess as we grow up, the world as we know it grows up too.
but i'm still here. =| still here.
i'll always be here.

and if you can remember, you'll know where to find me.

i wish we were all young again. just for a little bit.
and i wish we could all play together like we used to.
29 April 2007 @ 12:27 pm

Special Edition Xanga Only Entry!

Maybe, I guess.

SO! Thursday was sure and interesting day for me.

Fairly normal, everyone was signing up for housing and stuff.

I come back and go to my room, shower and such. Chit chat with a few people in my room. Then I head to the library with Antonio and Jess to get some books and spend a bit of time in my corner. Two hours later I go back, crawl up to my bed and start reading one of my books...

THEN I hear Jess' voice in the hall/I remembered something, so I excitedly jumped up and smashed my head on the cement ceiling. I guess it was kinda loud because Tats heard it and was poking me. I went looking for ice, but there was none, so Britt and Celine gave me a frozen Boca Burger Patty. For some reason, I tend to have food products on my head a lot when I get bumps. So I have that and then I go down to write a letter in the lobby. A while later, I go to dinner with Christine and Frances and everyone. We come back and watch TV...

Fast forwarding~

I have like a headache so I try and go to sleep once everyone heads to a party. People come and go feeling the bump on my head. Then I crawl into bed and roll around.Khimee and Frances come in and offer to take me to the hospital. I refuse, of course! And then Tats comes in and says I'm going, then goes to get Khimee. I'm just like. NOO! And I crawl out of bed and run after her. Then away. And I guess I was getting a little crazy now because the desk guy was like... are you ok? And I was like crazy shouting, I'm fine! I'm fine! They're crazy!!! I don't even know.

But then I go. Get there at like 2.30 ish. Do all that hospitally junk. Got a CT scan.

It's alright, but not completely ok.

So, MRI next week in the cool tubey thing.

:D The end.

14 March 2007 @ 09:50 pm

- buy gifts.
- bleach hair.
- visit Georgetown.
- study more.

My life is lame. =/

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29 December 2006 @ 10:51 pm
early this morning.
i never knew a greater state of misery.

whos john?
- my best friend.
-...at school.

i hate you guys.
14 December 2006 @ 07:40 pm
I hate.

How you are trying to hold on so desperately when theres nothing there. Can't you just let it go?

I also hate questions.

I know now more than ever. I feel like I've written this so many times before, but I hate talking about my problems because when people ask me why, I can't give an answer. All you did was ask me questions without end that I couldn't answer. At that point in time, all I wanted to do was to get away from you. Just get away. That's the kind of person you are. A thinker. Logical. Everything has to have an answer. But that's not what its like for me at all. I can't fucking answer your questions and the answers that I have will never be good enough. It will always be this way, therefore it can't work. You can't stop what you think about, it's always going to be there. The kind of relationship you want/need is one that I can't give you. You outright said that our relationship would be pointless, yet you still tried to hang on.

I hate that.

I hate when this happens.

I'm on a break.

This is the end.
13 July 2006 @ 11:18 am
summer is fun.
i'm losing all my hair.
i have to do my laundry today.
high school musical isn't so bad.
it was aisha's birthday yesterday!
and serge's birthday on sunday!
and james' birthday last thursday!
we're going to to beach tomorrow.
i watched four movies in the past week.
i hadn't been to jon's in forever before last night.
and some '06 flips are about to come over for lunch.
watching strictly ballroom makes me want to dance again.
i made $40 the other day cleaning my rooms and doing my mom's nails.
i hope college isn't too hard so i don't go and commit suicide or something.
i miss the old days when we used to make tents, clam chowder, sleepover, and smash faces.

it's a bell/hat!
my toes are orange.
what color are yours?

today was fun!
"were you trying to holler?"
cheese and lemonade.
the professional dvd skipping at the end.
too funny.
i like WHOLE milk.
i did my laundry!!
26 June 2005 @ 02:13 pm

so theres like... an electrical plug next to my bed.

i always take the bed next to the wall, so i hop over and im sitting on the floor while i plug in my ipod and cellphone charger. and i happened to glance at the side of my bed... and on the bottom half are little dots of dried blood stains all over the mattress! so i look around and notice the lamp shade looked like it was like crushed and put back on. the door of the closet was gone. and on the corner of the wall and next to the closet were these like.. white spots that looked like they were... like... bleached clean or something.

so yeah, i created a story that someone was killed in my room after a little struggle, which made the lamp shade fall off and get stepped on, then the killer hid the body in the closet.... yeah.

06 June 2005 @ 03:03 pm
flip fest. fun stuff. overpriced food... didn't eat till jen's partay~! nothing like hot sodas on a hot day... booth guy at public parking being an ass...

ben: what do i do now?
-can i help you?
ben: i wanna... park?
-what are you gonna do?
ben: ...metro..?
-can i see your driver's license?

something like that. but slower and more confusing. lol yeah. metro-ed to dc. met up w/ kim n' matt. fun fun fun.

ben's parents drove us back and we agreed to try and learn arnis this summer. eheh. got back. drove to my house. gathers all my items and got ready at his house. left for new fortune. got there... looked at the list.

last name, first name
last name, first name
last name, first name
last name, first name
last name, first name
last name, first name

yeah. good food. fun times. had to be a candle. oh humiliation. haha. uh. the thievery and sweating in matt's hat.


overall, as always, mucho fun. so sad i can't make it to the super kim-joanna-victor party. T_T but you'll still have fun.

i love you guys. ^^

02 May 2005 @ 02:54 pm

what i did over the weekend: [boring drabble, just for the sake of looking back on if i ever wonder what i did this weekend]

hmm. friday. got hair did. went home and packed. went to sheraton premiere in tyson's corner and registered for the freestyle dance thingy. changed and stressed about everything o_O; managed to do my own make-up.. woohoo! then went down and amazingly did my three heats for the day. then sat around and watched until about 11:30.

next morning, got up and yanked out enormous amounts of hair from my head as i tried to untangle it from what i did to it yesterday. i ended up putting lotion in my hair to get all the matts out.. o_O;;; got out of shower. redid my hair into a bun. got dressed and all that stuff. went down to the ballroom again. did a few heats. began chatting with a couple of girls my age that were from our area. my partner for my next heat wasnt there and i had to start with this stranger! x_x; but another guy i knew ran in and we switched. it sucked because i bet i looked dumb. and then i had another thing. then i was done. then followed andre around and ate lunch. then. we watched more, ran around. then we had a 2-3 hour break and since my mom went with my cousin back home, i hung around the girls and we played cards. then we went back down for a formal dinner. ate dinner. got an award o_o; they said my first name and i sat there staring across the table. im retarded. but yay, i got a marble painted wooden plaque for being a top student ^^;; danced more and then went home around 12.

sunday... church then to kings dominion. the end.

o_o; woohoo. i thought id die on friday because i was so nervous! but i ended having fun. sadly i didnt take many pictures T_T; lets do it again~